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"What If's"

Managing With Ranch Vision

Good managers prepare for unexpected situations. Over time, you can expect your ranch business to experience price changes, droughts, storms, disease, shortages, inflation, and much more. Although these events cannot always be predicted, it is wise to plan and prepare for them. Early anticipation and response to such events will reduce losses and even provide opportunities for profit.

Because Ranch Vision creates an interactive model of your unique ranch business, you can easily and quickly see how such events will broadly impact the business and prepare by devising strategies to optimally respond.

You would approach this by considering how a given event might impact the input variables of your Ranch Vision analysis, then change those inputs accordingly and examine the expected outcomes reflected in the new reports.

For example, you can preview how a drop in cattle prices or an increase in inflation or interest rates would impact your ranch by simply adjusting the projection of the cattle market, inflation, or interest rates. You can see how an increase in predator impact would affect a ewe-lamb enterprise by appropriately adjusting weaned percentages and numbers weaned. You can preview how a pneumonia outbreak would affect your stocker enterprise by making appropriate adjustments to mortality rates, sales weights, and direct costs (i.e. pharmaceutical expenses).

You could preview how a trichomoniasis outbreak would impact your cow-calf enterprise by making adjustments to pregnancy percentages, cull percentages for bulls, etc. The possibilities are limitless. By identifying the effects an unforeseen event could be expected to have on the input variables of your ranch and observing the reports before and after, you'll be better prepared for the challenges and opportunities you may face in the future.

Ranch Vision is a powerful planning and decision-making tool. By using Ranch Vision to analyze your ranch, you can see where the business is going before getting there. Instead of just looking back at the past, Ranch Vision looks ahead to the future, enabling you to test drive potential management strategies. This managing forward method is invaluable because it allows you to avoid mistakes and to capitalize on the opportunities facing your ranch business.

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