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Cash Flow Reports

Plan Assessment

The Cash Flow reports provide summary projections, under the current management plan, of the cash both entering and exiting the ranch business in the months and years ahead.

Cash will be entering the business from expected livestock and fiber sales and accounts receivable as well as from cash gross product from all non-grazing ranch enterprises.

Cash will be exiting the business from livestock purchases, cash direct costs, cash overhead costs, debt payments, accounts payable, and new capital purchases.

These reports provide invaluable insight toward anticipating potential cash shortages and allow you to make preemptive adjustments to your management plan if necessary. You may be able to resolve upcoming cash flow shortages by adjusting the timing of livestock sales and purchases.

The information contained in these reports greatly simplifies Cash Flow budgeting and gives confidence and peace of mind regarding your financial future. This is also important information for potential lenders or investors.

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