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Replacement Costs Reports

Plan Assessment

These reports contain projections for the costs associated to raise female breeding replacements given the current management plan. Specifically, they identify the costs involved to produce an H1, E1, and/or D1 that is two months pregnant.

These projections include all real and opportunity costs, including value offsets. This includes the opportunity costs of not selling that female at weaning, the capital investment in the animal, grazing fees, the costs of maintaining a breeding male, expected losses from death, infertility and culling, as well as the other cash and non-cash direct costs involved, and the offsets received from the sale of cull and open animals and possible byproducts such as wool and mohair.

Replacement Costs reports enable you to confidently answer the question, “Should I be raising my own breeding replacements or purchasing them elsewhere?” If you can purchase comparable or better-bred females at a price below the projected Replacement Cost, then you should buy them. If not, you are better off raising them yourself.

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