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About Ranch Vision

Ranch Vision is the only profit growth tool for ranchers!

Create a digital model of your ranch that allows you to road test management decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize your profit. Ranch Vision revolutionizes ranching!

Calculate ranch sustainability through carbon sequestration.

Market the environmental benefits of your ranch products with Ranch Vision. A series of simple inputs calculates the minimum amount of carbon sequestered by your grazing operation. Unlock your minimum gross carbon capture.


Ranch Vision considers all the factors unique to your grazing operation to create a digital model of your ranch. Experiment with management decisions, preview likely results without living through the unintended consequences, and chart your unique roadmap to optimal success.

Plan to profit and face the future with confidence!

The difference between ranch success and failure can be found in the dozens of small decisions ranchers make every day. Ranch Vision incorporates complex concepts promoted by industry leaders such as Stan Parsons, Alan Savory, and Alan Nation. Each component of your ranch business is broken down into composite parts known as enterprises, allowing you to easily visualize how each enterprise will impact your total ranch business profit.

Created by a large animal veterinarian.

In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to do things right. You have to do the right things. Created by large animal veterinarian and ranch management consultant Dr. Richard M. Brazil, DVM, Ranch Vision is a revolutionary software that examines the hundreds of interrelated factors that impact your ranch operation in order to help you identify the best management decisions and plan for growth.

Dr. Brazil invented Ranch Vision based on 30 years of experience as a large animal veterinarian and ranch management consultant in Northern California. His revolutionary program has been used in universities and ag schools across the country, including Texas A&M, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California State University at Fresno, Northern Wyoming Community College, and West Hills College in Coalinga.

The success of your ranch, in the palm of your hand.

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Can you answer the tough questions for your ranch?

The secret to ranch success is found in small daily decisions. Ranch Vision lets you test how management decisions will affect your bottom line—and every other aspect of your ranch business. For example:

Should I calve in the Spring instead of the Fall knowing that weaned calf prices will be lower and that I may experience more abortion loss from Foothill Abortion, but I will be able to carry more cows?

Can I quantify my carbon sequestration through grazing into marketable statistics?

Would it be more profitable to get out of the sheep business and then increase my stocker cattle herd, or visa versa?

How would any of these possible management decisions affect my herd numbers, sales, cash flow, profit, etc. over time?

How will it affect my annual profit if I give my replacement heifers a feed supplement that will cost $80 each, but will increase conception rates by 5%?

Should I use a calf vaccine if the cost is $0.73/dose, but it will reduce calfhood mortality from 2.5% to 2%?

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