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Living Enterprises

Understanding Ranch Businesses

Most business enterprises have relatively simple structures with static inventories. Livestock enterprises are unique because their inventories are living populations, subject to the population dynamics of living systems. This makes ranching a challenging business to understand and manage.

Livestock herds involve many complex, interrelated activities such as birth, growth, development, death, culling, sales, purchase, etc. These activities can be even more specifically defined: age at first giving birth, pregnancy percentages, weaning percentages, mortality rates, culling percentages, percentages of females retained for breeding replacements, purchase and sale weights, prices and times, etc. All of these factors and many more impact herd numbers and marketable product. Hundreds of interrelated variables together determine the gross margin of a grazing livestock enterprise. Each ranch has a unique combination of variables. No two ranches are exactly alike. This helps us understand why managing livestock herds is so uniquely complex. There aren't many “one size fits all” answers. Each livestock herd and ranch operation is unique, and management questions should be answered uniquely.

This is what sets Ranch Vision apart. Our software uses population modeling, so the outcomes of these complex interrelationships can be clearly seen and understood in advance. These insights could not be achieved without computer technology.

Through Ranch Vision's population modeling, you can assess virtually any management question and confidently answer questions specific to your ranch.

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